Andrew Celentano

MEET Andrew Celentano

Andrew Celentano
Business Development Director

Andrew studied electrical engineering at MIT. For his thesis, he proved that humans can determine the location of a sound within an accuracy of about 3 degrees using intra-aural time delay cues. He went on to technical sales at IBM supporting solutions in the medical space, and took various positions in management and finance, where he designed a two-tier lease that generated hundreds of millions of dollars.

He later founded a website company, SkyWorld Interactive, with one if his client contacts. Their claim to fame was that they built the Star Trek website – but they could not announce it publicly at the time. Some of their more complex engagements included online training and testing programs for pharmaceutical reps and intranet applications to track the drug development process Andrew grew the company to 27 people and eventually sold it to his employees.

He then went into private consulting and supported a number of industries. More recently he has worked at Boston Engineering and Sagentia in the contract R&D space and is excited to move forward in his new role at Triple Ring Technologies.

Andrew lives in Boston. In his spare time, he is an active participant in the Big Brother Big Sister program and he performs as an amateur classical pianist/composer. You can find his first CD online at www.ThoreauCD.com and he is now working on a second one.