Kevin Limtao

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Kevin Limtao

Kevin Limtao is a Bioengineer with a focus on in vitro technologies. In his time at the company, he has worked on several projects including the development of automated immunoassays, instruments for surgical use, and devices for drug and sensor delivery. He contributes to project teams with CAD, instrumentation, and prototyping for early phase product development.

As a graduate from the Biomedical Engineering program at University of California, Irvine, his focus was on the design and manufacture of microfluidic technologies. He was involved in numerous interdisciplinary science and engineering projects, including devices for the capture of circulating tumor cells, small sample Western Blotting, and automated immunoassays to monitor the efficacy of chemotherapy in oncology indications. His contributions have been presented at engineering conferences such as µTAS, ECTC, and BMES.