Lawrence Smith

MEET Lawrence Smith

Lawrence Smith

Lawrence has demonstrated the ability to apply his strong analytical skill set to a variety of problems since joining our team in 2014. He has contributed to medical device development projects in all stages of the product lifecycle, ranging from proof-of-concept prototype design to work on high-volume commercial drug delivery systems. He has experience applying statistical analysis to large empirical datasets as well as to “virtual populations” of systems generated with numerical models.

He has a special interest in tackling heat transfer, structural mechanics, and fluid dynamics problems using numerical modeling methods. His experience in FEA includes the design of a dynamic thermal model which was leveraged to allow precise temperature control of a tissue oximeter, and a coupled fluid flow/heat transfer model used to design the thermal management system for a disposable PCR assay.

Lawrence has also contributed to several open-ended design challenges at Triple Ring, including design of in-house test equipment and concept generation for wearable insulin delivery devices.

Lawrence earned a BSME with a concentration in Mechatronics from California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, CA.