A portrait of Chris Storment, a man with glasses and goatee smiling.

Chris Storment

Principal Scientist

Chris Storment has over 40 years of experience engaging in many phases of research and development ranging from consulting, to small startups, to large commercial and governmental enterprises.

  • Engineer at TRW and Hughes Aircraft involved in the early development of GaAs semiconductor processes and fabrication equipment.
  • Research Scientist at Stanford University developing some of the first implantable man machine interfaces for a prosthetic replacement limb. Also pioneered fabrication processes for many of the early MEMS sensors and actuator devices.
  • R&D Engineer at a startup, Iridigm Display Co., where he developed and built the early prototypes of a MEMS based optical interferometer device for display applications. Iridigm and its technology was purchased by Qualcomm based on the success of these prototypes.
  • R&D Engineer at NASA working on the GeneSat program, one of the first biological nano-sats to be successfully launched in 2006. Chris later worked on the Biosentinel satellite that launches into deep space on the first Artemis-1 rocket.
  • Senior Principal Engineer at Medtronic designing and fabricating several implantable medical devices ranging from stents to heart valves to ablative renal denervation catheters.

His expertise spans Chemistry, Materials Science, Thin Films, Polymers, Electrochemistry, Photochemistry, Spectroscopy and Surface Analytical Methods.  A subject matter expert at Medtronic for corrosion analysis, surface analytical methods, and metallographic cross-sectional analysis. Femto-sec laser ablation micromachining, selective gas phase etching of metals using XeF2, Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) of metals and oxides onto complex 3D nanostructures. Equipment design and construction for plasma etchers, plasma CVD systems, vacuum physical vapor deposition tools, electropolishing, electrodeposition systems. Hands on knowledge of all of the fabrication processes for Si and GaAs circuits, MEMS sensors and actuators. Cofounder of three startups companies.

He is an accomplished hands-on inventor with over 15 US patents in disciplines ranging from implantable medical devices, electrochemical sensors and integrated circuit processing equipment. Coauthor of 17 peer-reviewed journal publications and 24 refereed conference papers.

He did his BS in Chemistry from UC Riverside CA and an MS Materials Sciences from USC, Los Angeles CA

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