December 6, 2018 – Building an Economy, a Big Exponential Organization from Scratch: Using Exponential Technologies, like Blockchain and Cryptographic Tokens, to Empower Change-makers to Unlock Abundance

About the Seminar

Many would say that we now live in an “exponential” age, largely driven by the proliferation of data and exponentially evolving technologies and globalization. It seems the world is now “smaller” and arguably more connected. What might this actually mean? And, how will we individually and collectively participate and/or be impacted by our new connected and data-rich world? It’s likely that our newfound knowledge and technologies will enable us to live and work, perhaps more efficiently, with a few more purposeful bells and whistles. Some say that as global transparency increases, we will move from a world of scarcity to a world of abundance. By bridging theory and practice, not only will organizations adapt new frameworks to accommodate new and exponential technologies, but leveraging these technologies will result in a shifting global economy, and thus a new normal.

Kent will discuss his work building an economy, a big exponential organization from scratch, using exponential technologies, like blockchain and cryptographic tokens, to empower change-makers to unlock abundance.

About the Speaker

Kent Langley’s personal massive transformative purpose is to Empower Humanity with Technology. He is an entrepreneur, sought after speaker, teacher, mentor and advisor. Kent has an intense focus on all things technical, data and exponential. He works with clients globally.

Kent is a deep technologist and builder of distributed systems. From complex large scale web applications to live stream based analytics solutions, Kent has been building such systems from the ground up at scale for over 15 years. He’s a recognized thought leader in cloud computing, distributed systems, technology operations, and data science enablement for organizations.

Kent runs his own company providing Data Activation as a Service, is faculty at Singularity University, and is the Chief Science Officer of the ExO Foundation PBC and Fastrack Institute, a global 501(c)3 private foundation. Kent also teaches the live online ExO Master Course.

Kent’s keynote talks have been requested by some of the most successful public, private, and academic institutions in the world. He has spoken in Asia, South America, The United States from Silicon Valley to New York. He has addressed crowds from 10 to 10,000 people including live simulcasting of events. The talks have been delivered to a diverse audience from boards, F50 Global organizations, and students. Audiences and clients have included TEDxMarin, The LG, IMS/InPeople, ExOFoundation, Petrobras, Asimetrix, The Fastrack Institute, Ahold-Delhaize, YPO, Coca-Cola, Sodexo, AGUIABRANCA, Leonisa, Autodesk, Dell, Premex, APEX Leaders, Singularity University, Zignal Labs, Revinate, CA Lottery, nScaled.

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