A portrait of Eric Bird, a smiling man wearing a patterned shirt against a blurred background.

Eric Bird

Mechanical Engineer

Eric Bird is a recent mechanical engineering masters graduate who worked academically in molecular simulation research for four years and industrially in machine design at various internships. His research uses first principle physics simulations to model nanoscale heat transfer and fluid dynamics phenomena with parallel computing supercomputers. He published several papers on topics such as evaporation and condensation in nanochannels and nanobubble coalescence and capillary forces. Eric sees simulations as a unique method to understand engineering problems in an efficient manner to ultimately make better and faster design decisions.

Eric received his BS and MS in Mechanical Engineering as part of the Lyles College of Engineering Undergraduate Honors Program and was a Graduate Research Sponsorship recipient at CSU Fresno. He authored nine publications and presented his work at various international engineering conferences throughout the United States. In his free time, Eric is passionate about building and operating DIY CNC machines to make machined parts and amazing 3D relief wood carvings.

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