A portrait of Erick Guevara, a man with short curly hair and a beard wearing a polo shirt against a blurred background.

Erick Guevara

IT Support Specialist

Erick has experience assisting end-users (remote and in-person) with technical issues related to computer hardware and software. He has ten years of experience maintaining and supporting systems, workstations, mobile devices, printers, and other peripherals and responding to user service requests for local and cloud-based applications.

He is a passionate individual and strongly desires to help others through improving collaboration, time management, stress management, etc. He believes that helping others to thrive is a fundamental value of any company, and he can bring that philosophy to Triple Ring Technologies.

Erick has done his Bachelor of Science in Information Technology & Cyber Security and has a master’s degree in Information Systems from the University of Phoenix.

Let’s solve hard problems together.

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