February 7, 2019 – Machine Intelligence in Healthcare: Why Now?


About the Presentation

This presentation is targeted towards an uninitiated audience. Let’s discuss what machine intelligence means. We will show a few toy examples to convey the idea and how such systems are developed. Then, we will discuss machine intelligence in the context of healthcare, and provide a few examples of interesting and recent research and industry developments. There will be a particular focus on medical image analysis and their diagnostic applications. Finally, we will discuss our work at Semion and what keeps us excited about this field.


About the Speaker

Khalid Ashraf received his PhD from the EECS department at UC Berkeley in 2013, where he worked on high-performance computation applied to materials modeling. At Berkeley, he received the Tse Wei Liu Memorial Fellowship. He then pursued research in deep learning as a PostDoc at Berkeley in the ASPIRE and BAIR lab, and co-founded DeepScale. After completing his postdoc in June 2016, he founded Semion. Semion develops AI software for hospital and semiconductor process line workflow efficiency improvement.

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