A portrait of John W. McPhaul, a smiling man wearing glasses and a blue-striped shirt against a gray background.

John McPhaul


John McPhaul has over 15 years of corporate finance experience in high growth companies. He has a long history supporting the advancement of technology through key financial management and guidance. Before Triple Ring, John worked in the solar and telecommunications industries honing his finance and accounting skills. Along with this expertise, his experience in fiber optics and interest in technology makes him a perfect fit for Triple Ring’s diverse and innovative culture. John received his B.A. in English at George Washington University then went on to obtain an M.B.A. (at University of Phoenix) and a J.D. from the San Francisco Law School.

Let’s solve hard problems together.

Triple Ring is a co-development company. We stand side-by-side with innovators and entrepreneurs to solve hard problems, launch breakthrough products, and create new businesses.