August 27-28, 2016

Triple Ring Labs is proud to host Koniku’s Neurogrammer Developer Conference.

Koniku is seeking creative people from all walks of life (computer scientists, programmers, microbiologists, neuroscientists, bioinformaticists, physicists and electrical engineers) to investigate new directions and refine tools for the novel Koniku Kore chips. You will have access to a large storehouse of data already generated by the chips, access to Koniku Kore prototypes to play with, software tools and the array of public domain databases. You bring your laptop, any tools you wish, plus an open mind to create new world-changing technologies.

Click here to learn more about the conference.

About Koniku
Harnessing the power of Neurons

Neurons are massively parallel computational devices capable of processing contextual, loosely formed and multidimensional data. In this manner they are more efficiently than any traditional silicon based processor available.

Koniku’s hardware is designed to take advantage of these natural advantages to use real neurons in a robust, reproducible and addressable way. In this way they may define an architecture capable of tackling problems in visual processing, data processing and pattern recognition.

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