A portrait of Mark Levering, a man with short hair wearing a dark polo shirt.

Mark Levatich

Staff Engineer

Mark has a medical device development background including catheters, wearables, and tactile user interface components. At Novasentis he pushed the boundaries of how electricity can be integrated in devices while developing the core technology for the world’s first commercialized electro-mechanical polymer. He has developed many first of class devices such as: wearables and soft goods for non-verbal communication through the skin receptors, developing signal profiles to mimic lifelike synthetic textures and the VR gloves that display them, dynamically morphing adjustable radial access catheters, ultrathin braille displays, variable sensation consumer electronics devices, and high-volume subassemblies. His prior biology work focused on cancer proteomics, nucleic acid engineering, and devices for neurosurgery. He has 6 issued patents in polymer actuation technologies and surgical devices.

Mark brings Masters of Science in Biomedical Engineering, a Bachelor’s of Science in Biological Engineering, and a Minor in Biological Sciences (Neurobiology & Behavior) from Cornell University.

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