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Jun 27, 2024

June 26, 2024. Triple Ring Hosts IMB Business School

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Ryan McGuinness
TRT Commercial General Manager

We had a great day hosting IMB Business School’s 2024 MBA cohort during their visit to Silicon Valley. Thanks to Jim Pulcrano and Camille Inabnit for coordinating the event. Brian Wilfley and Walt Cecka lead discussions about the Medical Device and Life Science innovation process from IP generation to technology design, development, and productization, with many concrete examples from 20 years of product commercialization at Triple Ring. We also dove deep into the unique challenges of creating products that must meet the high standards of FDA, truly solve unmet needs in clinical and R&D markets, and often require reimbursement to succeed. Silicon Valley is home to companies and professionals who have the passion, tenacity, and know how required to bring innovative healthcare products to market. Triple Ring was honored to host such an impressive group of students from around the globe and we hope they will take home a bit of the Silicon Valley magic.