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Innovation as a Discipline – A new webinar series, from Triple Ring Technologies. September 13, 2022 – Disruptor or Disrupted: Innovation Strategies for Large Companies

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Disruption is a continuous threat to large corporations and their well-established business models. Innovative products are entering markets at historic rates and are eroding the position of dominant players. Recent global-scale events, like the COVID19 pandemic, the current inflationary cycle, and increased access to diverse pools of talent and ideas have amplified this dynamic. It is imperative for large companies in Healthcare and Industrial markets to find ways to adapt and sustain growth in an ever-changing world. Collaborating with external innovators and partners is a highly effective way of inspiring internal teams, enabling product innovation and driving long-term growth.

Triple Ring Technologies & Signify Lab have assembled an expert panel in the first of an ongoing series of conversations about strategies for established companies to proactively defend against disruption.

We will look beyond typical models of acquisition and dig deeper into ways that large companies can accelerate open innovation through partnerships outside of their organizations. Topics discussed will include:

-Benefits & value of internally generated IP compared to technology acquisition-Barriers to innovation in large corporations & strategies for clearing them-Utilizing outside collaboration to unlock internal potential and overcome institutional inertia-Gathering the right resources required for innovation


Tue. Sep. 13, 2022 | 11am


Canice Wu has been an entrepreneur and technology innovator for over 30 years. He enjoys hands-on experience in driving transformational change, including strategy formulation, human centered design, product & practice innovation, launching product to market, scaling operations planning & execution, and system implementation. As former President of Plug and Play Tech Center and Head of Corporate Innovation at RocketSpace, Canice has empowered product innovation via venture building, incubator/accelerator programs, venture investment, and strategic partnership formation. In addition he was on the leadership team at Vlocity and Siebel Systems that transformed the companies from startup to hyper growth, leading to substantial acquisitions. He has a strong track record in creating business value with product innovation using key technologies. Canice has an MS and BS in Computer Science from MIT, and an MBA from University of California at Berkeley.

Dr. Joe Heanue has significant leadership experience in device and instrumentation research & development within interdisciplinary environments. He previously served as Vice President of Engineering at NexRay and at Signature Bioscience. At NexRay, Joe led the development of a low-dose x-ray imaging system for interventional cardiology. At Signature, he headed a group that delivered prototype RF and microwave spectroscopy instruments to a major instrument partner; the first of these instruments was launched in 2005 by MDS Sciex. Joe’s extensive research and development experience includes the analysis and design of complex systems, x-ray and gamma-ray detector development, low-noise analog electronics, data-acquisition systems, signal and image processing, high-speed data-processing architectures, and thin-films failure analysis. Dr. Heanue has an S.B. in Physics from MIT and a PhD in EECS from the University of California at Berkeley.

Lawrence is an entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience as a designer, leader, educator, and executive in the field of innovation and product development. As a former Principal of IDEO he helped pioneer the human-centered process of design thinking. Lawrence is passionate about using the power of this innovation process to create positive impact, helping companies and organizations stay competitive and vital in the marketplace. He provides research, design, and strategy services to a select group of companies, start-ups, and nonprofit organizations, and also leads individuals and teams through transformative changes in how they think about and act on innovation. Lawrence has helped industry leaders create innovative products and services, and foster cultures of innovation, including Medtronic, Kodak, Samsung, Pepsi, Apple, Google, Clorox, and BMW. He has a BS in Product Design and ME from Stanford University, and also taught design thinking methodology at Stanford.

Dr. Yvonne Lutsch is an accomplished Investment Principal at Robert Bosch Venture Capital’s (RBVC) affiliate office located in Sunnyvale, responsible for sourcing, evaluating, and executing venture capital deals for RBVC in North America. Her specialty is investments in deep tech fields such as Machine Learning/AI, edge computing, industrial IoT, mobility, next generation computing including quantum, semiconductors, and sensors. She is an investor and non-executive board member of RBVC’s portfolio companies InSyte Systems, Syntiant, Zapata Computing, UltraSense Systems, Aclima, and Recogni. Yvonne received a diploma in Experimental Physics from University of Siegen, Germany, and holds a PhD in Applied Physics from University of Tuebingen, Germany. Outside of work she mentors & advises several startup CEOs, serves as a board member at women@Bosch Silicon Valley, and volunteers in Bosch’s Mentoring Program.

John Lilly has an extensive background in business management, for both large and small companies. He built more than 50 branded businesses in 25 countries over 27 years as an executive at Procter & Gamble and The Pillsbury Company. In 1997 Mr. Lilly joined Pillsbury, first as President of Pillsbury North America and then as CEO for the company worldwide. When the company was sold to General Mills in 2002 for $10.5B (12.2X EBITDA) John transitioned to a full-time investor/advisor. From 2003 to 2016 John Lilly Strategic Insights, LLC provided investment sourcing, due diligence, and operating counsel on more than 200 Private Equity and VC projects globally. Today John works as a full-time investor in Early-Stage Companies. Through Lateral Capital Management, LLC he is one of the country’s most active Micro VC investors. Lateral Capital has invested in more than 100 companies in six funds across various industries. He has a BA in Economics from Emory and an MBA from Harvard.