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Sep 30, 2021

Sep 27-30, 2021: Triple Ring’s Joe Heanue will be a seminar speaker at the AdvaMed Accel Leadership Seminar

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Joe Heanue, President and CEO, from Triple Ring Technologies, will be a seminar speaker at the AdvaMed Accel Leadership Seminar, along with Joyce Erony from Amzak Health, David Knapp from Boston Scientific, and Allan W.May from Life Science Angels. The topic is Alternative Funding Sources Fueling Small Company Innovations.

About AdvaMed Accel Leadership Seminar: While overall venture investing in MedTech has increased in recent years, the majority of this capital flows to larger and later-stage deals with established venture-backed companies. This leaves startups and small growth companies with limited funding options to advance their innovations beyond product development to clinical validation, adoption, and commercialization. Alternative sources of funding (including family offices, angel networks, contract manufacturing organizations, and large company R&D groups) are stepping into this gap and investing in early and growth-stage MedTech companies.