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Mar 01, 2020

March 1, 2020: We’re exhibiting and presenting at Molecular Med Tri-Con in San Francisco Booth # 806

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Triple Ring’s Senior Engineer Xinyi Zhou, PhD will present a talk on Wednesday Mar 4 at 12:10 pm in the Point of Care Diagnostics Track

Title: Reducing Manufacture Costs of Autologous Cellular Immunotherapy via a Benchtop System for QA/QC Automation

Abstract: Autologous cell therapies have shown unprecedented promise for patients with previously incurable disease. However, skyrocketing costs limit patient access to these life-saving therapies. QA/QC of autologous cell therapies accounts for up to 50% of manufacture cost due to the need for QA/QC of a small (single-patient) batch. We present a prototype for benchtop automation of common sterility and purity assays. A compact QC/QA instrument paired with disposable cartridges can reduce labor costs in cell therapy manufacture and increase patient access to care.