A portrait of Nick Hawson, smiling man with glasses wearing a patterned blue shirt against a blurred background.

Nick Hawson

Sector Head, MedTech

Nick has over 25 years of experience developing regulated medical devices, products, and services. During this time, he has had roles in manufacturing, design, program management, strategy, operational leadership, business development, and innovation consulting. This breadth of experience has enabled him to acquire skills that span the whole lifecycle of product and service development, across multiple sectors of the medical industry. Nick has been fortunate to have taken lead roles in many products that have successfully reached the market and now provide improved outcomes for millions of patients around the world. He has a passion for improving lives, making world-class innovative products, and ensuring business growth and success.

With the last 15 years’ experience in leadership roles at Cambridge Consultants (UK and US), and a year as an independent consultant, Nick has had the privilege to work with a significant number of Blue Chip, Mid-size, and start-up companies, delivering over 200 successful medical technology programs.

Nick started his career as a mechanical engineer and has a master’s degree in engineering.  He is now a medical product development specialist, who has learned what the key success factors are in developing innovative, groundbreaking, and novel technologies and products. These developments have been across various sectors such as medical devices, drug delivery, life sciences and healthtech. Nick enjoys helping bring cutting-edge technologies and innovations to life through harnessing world-class technical skills and business acumen to drive success for his clients.

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