Ocean Insight and Triple Ring Technologies Announce Strategic Partnership

New deal expands R&D capabilities for the biomedical and life sciences sector

LARGO, Fla., Oct. 21, 2019  Ocean Insight (oceaninsight.com) has strengthened its research and development capabilities in support of biomedical and life sciences industries by forming a strategic partnership with Triple Ring Technologies (tripleringtech.com), a leading technology and product developer of medical devices, life sciences tools, and imaging systems.

Ocean Insight is the Applied Spectral Knowledge company, using spectral technology, application expertise, and manufacturing scalability to help customers define and solve important challenges across biomedical, life sciences, and other industries. The partnership with Triple Ring Technologies adds a high level of expertise and proficiency in technologies, systems, applications, and product development, with added experience in the FDA approval and compliance processes.

“The Triple Ring Technologies partnership will deepen the expertise, technical scope, and resources we can offer customers in biomedical and life sciences markets,” said Lora Allemeier, President of Ocean Insight. “From start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, Ocean Insight can now offer more robust, sophisticated, and faster-to-market solutions to technical challenges.”

Founded in 2005, Triple Ring Technologies works at the intersection of science, technology, and business to build complex medical technology and healthcare products for clients worldwide. Triple Ring Technologies is a true Silicon Valley innovation hub with deep involvement in local, national, and global healthcare communities. Its mix of engineering, science, regulatory, legal, and business experts is unique in the industry and enables the rapid creation of innovative solutions to clients’ most difficult challenges.

“We are truly excited to be collaborating with the Ocean Insight team,” said Joseph Heanue, President and CEO of Triple Ring Technologies. “The combination of Triple Ring Technologies and Ocean Insight’s deep expertise in engineering, science, design, and manufacturing will create a comprehensive solution for our customers from concept to commercialization. Our multiple locations and expanded teams across the U.S. will enable direct service and provide streamlined support to our existing customers and prospective clients. ”

About Ocean Insight

Ocean Insight, formerly Ocean Optics, offers robust, scalable optical sensing tools, complemented by deep application knowledge, machine learning and cloud-based digital tools, design and manufacturing expertise, and a global support and service network. The company has locations in the Americas, Europe and Asia, and is part of Halma plc, a global group of life-saving technology companies. www.OceanInsight.com

About Triple Ring Technologies

Triple Ring Technologies is a leading research and development firm that, together with its clients, solves critical, often complex, technical challenges. The company works across the development process in medical devices, consumer health, in vitro diagnostics, life-science tools, photonics, and imaging systems. Triple Ring Technologies has offices in both Silicon Valley, CA and Boston, MA.

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