Venture-capital backed start-ups have been a major force for technological innovation and industry disruption over the last 40 years. Without VCs, we wouldn’t have Apple, Google, Intel, Microsoft, Genentech or Oracle. But the world of venture capital is changing, and rapidly. Those who consider them “vultures” might cheer, but that shift is putting corporate innovation and job creation at risk. The Accenture Institute for High Performance recently conducted a study to understand the changing dynamics of the venture capital industry and its implications. We found persuasive evidence that venture capital has been the most efficient mechanism for transforming entrepreneurs’ ideas into large successful businesses. Venture capital is one of the critical elements of the Silicon Valley ecosystem, helping transform startup ideas into successful businesses.

About the Speaker:

chrisdigiorgioChris DiGiorgio recently retired after a 30+ year career with Accenture. Most recently, he was an Executive Research Fellow with Accenture’s Institute for High Performance. Prior to that, he led Accenture’s Silicon Valley Office of Emerging Technology where he focused on identifying and developing relationships with the venture community and early stage tech companies. He was also responsible for the overall practice in Northern California which included over 2,200 people. He previously led Accenture’s High Tech practice in the Silicon Valley. In addition to his North American clients, he also spent more than 6 years serving global clients in Asia Pacific and Europe.

Chris is a self-trained Economic Hobbyist. He has served in leadership roles with various economic institutions for over 10 years. He is currently the Vice-Chair of the Bay Area Council Economic Institute, and an Associate with the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research. Chris spent 5 years as the Co-Chair of Joint Venture Silicon Valley, the publisher of the annual Statistical Index of Silicon Valley.

Chris has received numerous awards and recognition for his work and civic involvement. In 2015, Chris received the David Packard Medal for Civic Entrepreneurship from Joint Venture Silicon Valley. He is recognized by California State University as a Distinguished Alumni of the Year from the Business School and Distinguished Alumni Service Award from the Computer Science School. Mr. DiGiorgio holds a BS, Computer Science and a BS, Business Administration from California State University.

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