Guillaume Plateau

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Guillaume Plateau
Senior Scientist

Dr. Guillaume Plateau has a range of experience from designing, integrating, and characterizing laser and imaging systems, to developing algorithms, and software architectures for data acquisition, analysis, and real-time machine control.

Before joining Triple Ring Technologies, Dr. Plateau worked at AOSense, Inc. where he built a control system for both real-time and non-deterministic closed-loop sensors interfacing with high-performance accelerometers, gyroscopes, and gravimeters.

Guillaume also worked at UCLA where he studied transport and thermodynamic properties of laser-produced strongly-coupled plasmas using time-resolved calibrated spectroscopy, and laser interferometry.

During his Ph.D. he worked at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory where he designed and developed novel THz and X-ray radiation sources, as well as diagnostics for electron bunches produced by laser-plasma acceleration (e.g. electron and optical spectrometry, magneto-optics, acousto-optics). In his research, involving ultrafast, multi-terawatt laser systems, he specialized in optimizing the injection mechanisms of a laser-driven plasma particle accelerator (e.g. self-injection, colliding-pulse injection, plasma-density gradient injection).

Guillaume holds a M.Sc. in Elementary Particle Physics from the Louis Pasteur University of Strasbourg, France, and a M.Sc. in Engineering and Applied Physics from the Télécom Physique Strasbourg Engineering School, and a Ph.D. in Applied Physics from École Polytechnique, France, for work he did at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, CA.

Selected Publications

Exhaustive list of publications available at Google Scholar:

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