John Heanue

MEET John Heanue

John Heanue, PhD
Consultant Senior Director Optical and MEMS Technology

Dr. John Heanue has more than 18 years of experience with design, implementation, integration, and deployment of micro fabricated optical systems. He served as Director of Product Engineering at Santur Corporation, where he led the development of a widely-tunable semiconductor laser module for optical telecommunications. He previously headed a group responsible for opto-mechanical engineering of large port-count MEMs-based optical cross-connects at Xros Corporation/Nortel Networks. John also has extensive experience in optical data storage systems through positions at Seagate Technology, Quinta Corporation, and Optitek. Other projects have included: high-power fiber lasers, optical imaging for medical applications, and LWIR imaging systems.

John received S.B. degrees in both Electrical Engineering and Physics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Masters and Ph.D. degrees in Applied Physics from Stanford University. He holds 45 issued U.S. patents and has authored numerous publications.