Karan Mohan

MEET Karan Mohan

Karan Mohan
Senior Staff Optical Engineer

Karan Mohan comes to Triple Ring Technologies as a Senior Optical Engineer, with experience in the design and development of medical diagnostics instrumentation. Prior to joining Triple Ring, he worked on various optical detection technologies for biomedical applications with Siemens Healthcare and Becton Dickinson. Karan’s expertise is in optical systems design, including but not limited to: microscopes, fluorescence detectors, spectrophotometers and ultra-low light sensors.

Karan received his PhD in Electrical Engineering, where he developed a simultaneous multi-harmonic wavelength modulation spectroscopy system for remote sensing of atmospheric gases. He followed that with a post-doctoral position in biomedical physics, developing a digital holographic imaging system for the measurement of surface acoustic waves on tissue. He has 17 publications and is a co-inventor on 6 granted patents.