Mara Matsumura

MEET Mara Matsumura

Mara Matsumura
Outreach, Medicine and Technology

Mara Matsumura has over 25 years of experience in the biotech and life sciences sectors. Having built and managed biotechnology information centers at Cell Genesys and Scios (formerly California Biotechnology), she became fluent in information research and analysis across many disciplines, including: biology; chemistry; medicine; pharmaceuticals; intellectual property; competitive intelligence; market research; product pipelines; education; and general reference. She has organized and characterized bodies of knowledge, developed collections, and implemented tools and systems to manage and retrieve content. Mara’s writing and editing skills have supported many projects from research and analyses compilations to strategic plans, grant proposals, marketing copy, SOPs, webpages, product literature, non-fiction, essays, and more. As a consultant, she has worked on various knowledge-based, information-architecture, and writing projects. She has managed medical information research teams, designed databases, restructured taxonomies, analyzed content management systems, established processes, written policies, edited pharmaceutical product literature, and performed analyses of grant funding landscapes. Mara has also taught K-12 students in Writing, Phonics, English, Math, Latin, Librarianship, and Environmental Education, both here at home and abroad. She has set-up libraries and community centers in rural Zimbabwe and South Africa. Lastly, she serves on the team of the African Diaspora Network, as a researcher, writer, and information architect.

Mara holds a BA in Mathematics, Environmental Studies, and Education and completed her studies at Santa Clara University and San Jose State University. She has also completed coursework in Writing and Linguistics at Stanford University.