Oleg Konings

MEET Oleg Konings

Oleg Konings
Senior Software Engineer, GPU Computing

Oleg Konings has a wide range of experience designing and optimizing high-performance algorithms. His particular interest is GPU Computing and he has worked on several novel medical and security applications. At UCSF he was a member of the Gazzaley Lab where he worked on real-time functional brain imaging. This work resulted in the first GPU implementation of the group lasso convex optimization solver, for both dense and sparse systems. This solver was used in the ‘Glass Brain’ project to compute the degree of connectivity between regions of the brain in real-time. He spoke about this work at the 2014 NVIDIA GTC Conference. Additionally Oleg presented with Tobias Funk at the 2015 NVIDIA GTC Conference on the topic of Scanning Beam Digital X-ray image reconstruction. Currently at Triple Ring he works on GPU implementations of algorithms used for image processing, Monte Carlo simulations, and combinatorial optimization. His CUDA application for generating and evaluating all permutations of an array is considered the fastest known implementation.

Oleg earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Menlo College.