Pallavi Chakavarty

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Pallavi Chakavarty
Staff Software Engineer

Pallavi Chakravarty has over 10 years of software development experience building products and prototypes in the medical, security and wireless industry. Her experience ranges from the research and development of innovative algorithms to the design and development of simulators and control software. At IRI Computer Communication Corp., she developed algorithms for the placement of unmanned air vehicles (UAVs) to enhance the throughput of ad-hoc mobile wireless networks. At Triple Ring Technologies, she has developed software to control X-ray systems for use in security and medical imaging industries.

Pallavi holds a BS (with Distinction) in Electrical Engineering from Mumbai University and an MS in Electrical Engineering from University of California, Los Angeles. Her work has been published in IEEE WiMob.

Optimum integrated link scheduling and power control for ad hoc wireless networks Arash Behzad, Izhak Rubin, Pallavi Chakravarty WIMOB2005