Susan Swei

MEET Susan Swei

Susan Swei, Ph.D.
Senior Project Lead

Dr. Swei has over 15 years of experience in product development, project management, and engineering of innovative solutions in consumer electronics, medical devices, optical imaging and bio technologies. At Elo Touch Solutions, she led a team of mechanical engineers in next generation touch technologies and developed the framework around security of a global payment system, receiving a design patent for this work. Dr. Swei built up a CLIA laboratory, transferring R&D processes of a prenatal diagnostic test using next generation sequencing. While at Nellcor Puritan Bennett and Affymetrix, she held several mechanical and systems engineering positions developing medical devices for respiratory support and flip chip technology for DNA arrays.

As part of her Ph.D. at Stanford University, Dr. Swei developed a scanned laser system to create an infrared moving image with high spatial resolution. She also spent time studying design thinking at the d.school and joined the Stanford Improvisors, which she credits in an endless passion to discover new and different technologies, and better ways of working together as a team. In her free time, she is perfecting the simplest way to make consistent delicious homemade bread.