Willem-Jan Ouborg

MEET Willem-Jan Ouborg

Willem-Jan Ouborg
Senior Electrical Engineer

Willem Ouborg has 15 years of experience developing and testing products containing cutting edge technologies. Previously, Willem worked at Intematix where he contributed to a patent pending technique of catalyst and Nafion deposition. At Nanomix he worked on developing patented sensors based on CNT (Carbon Nanotubes).  At Triple Ring, Willem has been lead designer of numerous complex circuit boards, managing the complete cycle of circuit board design, starting from schematic entry, layout and final bring up and test. Designs Willem has worked on include: a high speed x-ray detector readout board with multiple high pin-count FPGAs, thermo-electric cooling of detectors and lasers, power regulation and bio-impedance measurements. Willem was also instrumental in the bring up effort of the Nova Ray X-Ray imaging system, including testing and verification of an X-Ray imaging ASIC as well as all the associated electronics and systems.

Willem is named on two patents. He is an expert user of Altium Designer and OrCAD and is fluent in Matlab. Willem holds a BSEE and MS in EE/MEMS from Universtiy of California, Los Angeles.

Willem-Jan Ouborg, Nosang Myung, Ken Nobe, and Jack W. Judy., “Effect of Etch Holes on the Performance of Ferromagnetic MEMS”, Proceedings of the Seventh International Symposium on Magnetic Materials, Processes, and Devices, 202nd Meeting of the Electrochemical Society, 2002, Salt Lake City, UT (October 20-25).