A portrait of Peter Clark, a smiling man with gray hair standing in front of a blurred background.

Peter Clark

Senior VP of Corporate Development & Strategy

Peter joined Triple Ring in 2011 as CFO and Vice President of Finance & Administration, holding that position for the past 11 years. He expanded his role in early 2022 becoming Senior Vice President of Corporate Development and Strategy. Peter has over 40 years of experience in Corporate Finance, including Fortune 100 listed companies and venture-backed startups. He has been CFO of MyFamily.com (now Ancestry.com), and served in a variety of financial management capacities at Sun Microsystems, including Division Controller for Software Products and responsibility for Financial Planning & Analysis for Sun’s Pacific Rim Operations. Prior to Sun Microsystems, Peter held domestic and international positions in Financial Planning & Analysis and Internal Audit at ROLM, Ampex and Schering Plough.

Peter earned his BS in International Business from the University of Colorado and a Masters in International Management from the American Graduate School of International Management.

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Triple Ring is a co-development company. We stand side-by-side with innovators and entrepreneurs to solve hard problems, launch breakthrough products, and create new businesses.