A portrait of Russell Ford, a smiling middle-aged man with graying hair, wearing a checkered shirt.

Russell Ford, PhD


Russell Ford has over 18 years experience in the design and development of innovative medical products and manufacturing processes. Russell’s expertise includes wearable and implantable devices, surgical equipment and complex drug delivery devices. Russell’s has a long history of senior level positions at Zosano Pharma, Abbott Medical Optics, Boston Scientific Neurovascular, and Cygnus Therapeutics. His expertise focuses on applications that include transdermal drug delivery, continuous glucose monitoring, minimally-invasive devices for cataract and laser surgery, as well as neuro-endovascular applications. Russell project management expertise ranges from early stage development through V&V, DFM, high volume scale-up, and commercial launch. Experience also includes development of system level, design, characterization, test method development, materials selection, supplier development, manufacturing process design, and quality systems.

In addition to understanding designs from a very early stages of Russell has specific expertise and focus on design for manufacturability, robust designs, lean flow and six sigma manufacturing principals.

Russell received his PhD and MS in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University where his dissertation topic was Conceptual Design of Robust Mechanical Systems. He has a BS Mechanical Engineering from University of Rochester.

Selected Publications

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