A portrait of Shaheen Jeeawoody, a smiling woman with glasses and long dark hair against a blurred background.

Shaheen Jeeawoody, PhD

Sr Systems Integration Engineer III

Shaheen’s expertise spans multiple areas across bioengineering, including bioinstrumentation, microfluidics and bioMEMS, analytical assay development, organ-on-a-chip platforms, tissue engineering, biomaterials, cell biology, and systems engineering. Shaheen has designed, characterized, and expanded upon analytical assays to study previously-undetectable protein isoforms in arrays of single cells. These microfluidic technologies leverage the capabilities of both electrophoretic separations of proteins and immunoassay-based detection for improved analytical sensitivity and throughput, opening the door to highly-multiplexed data sets quantifying cellular and tissue heterogeneity. Before joining TRT, she worked at several startups in the in vitro diagnostics and stem cell R&D areas.

Shaheen received a Ph.D. from the UC Berkeley/UCSF joint graduate program in Bioengineering, for which she received a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship (GRFP) and a National Institutes of Health T32 Graduate Fellowship through the UC Berkeley Stem Cell Center. She also received a B.S. in Bioengineering from Stanford.

Outside of the lab, she enjoys swimming, kayaking, and sci-fi/action movies.

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