A portrait of Tanmay Kothale, a smiling man with a beard wearing a pink t-shirt against a blurred background.

Tanmay Mahendra Kothale

Software Engineer

Tanmay graduated from the University of Colorado Boulder with a master’s degree in electrical engineering, specializing in Embedded Systems and Internet of Things. Throughout his academic journey, he focused on Real-Time Embedded Systems, developing a deep understanding of building embedded systems on programmable logic, utilizing Linux kernel and embedded Linux, processor architecture, concurrent programming, and software development best practices. During his time at university, he had the opportunity to work on various challenging and interesting projects, including the design and implementation of real-time embedded systems. These experiences allowed him to hone his skills in C programming, understand the intricacies of real-time systems, and apply software development methodologies to create efficient and reliable embedded solutions.

Tanmay completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Mumbai, where he was secretary of the sports council and was responsible for arranging various sporting events at college and university level.

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