A portrait of Tim Sauder, a man with dark hair and a white shirt smiling against a blurred background.

Tim Sauder

Sr. Biomedical Engineer

Tim Sauder’s early career began in Ohio where he co-founded and built a state-of-the-art manufacturing business. Tim led technology development for the production of machined parts and assemblies. Their customers ranged across many industries including medical devices, food processing, and transportation. In 2010, Tim moved to New York to complete a B.A. in Biology at Columbia University. While living in New York, he worked on the front lines of medicine in one of the nation’s busiest emergency rooms. Since moving to Silicon Valley in 2014, Tim has gained broad experience consulting for medical device startups and manufacturers. His work ranges from engineering robotics systems to business development and market assessment. Tim holds patents for a continuous immunoassay platform which enables monitoring of a broad range of biomarkers in real time.

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