A portrait of Winston Sun, a smiling man with a gray background.

Winston Sun, PhD

Vice President, Advanced Technologies

Dr. Winston Sun has over 20 years of experience in systems architecture and algorithm development for imaging, video and wireless communication systems. His background spans mixed-signal, digital ASIC and RF chips, boards and systems, with specific expertise in mapping real-time signal processing algorithms into embedded system solutions. GSM base stations, soft switches for VoIP, QAM demodulators for digital set top boxes, CDMA cellular handsets, WiFi chipsets, high-speed optical cameras, infra-red spectrometers and X-ray fluoroscopy systems are examples of products he has designed and implemented. Winston has held systems architect, engineering management, and business development positions at PMC-Sierra, Atheros Communications, Applied Signal Technologies, Hyundai Wireless and Nexray Medical.

Winston received a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of California, Los Angeles, and a PhD in Electrical Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley. He holds three patents, and has authored/presented numerous scientific papers.

Publications Authored

AP Lowell and W Sun, “Real-Time X-ray tomosynthesis imaging using an ATCA general-purpose data acquisition and analysis platform.” IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium Conference Record, 27-31, 2008.

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