A portrait of Yen-Wen Chen, a woman with glasses smiling against a blurred background.

Yen-Wen Chen, PhD

Principal Scientist

Yen-Wen has 20 years of industrial experience with expertise in biochemical and cell-based assays as well as research and development of reagents and instrumentation used for drug discovery and bioresearch applications. Throughout her career, Yen-Wen has taken on different roles and responsibilities, from working in multidisciplinary teams to develop new product concepts and designs, to collaborating with external partners and evaluating new technologies for business development. With her broad knowledge base, she led or contributed to a variety of development projects, such as reagent kits, label-free biosensor system, and automated electrophysiology, leading to successful product launches before joining Triple Ring.

Yen-Wen received her PhD in Biological Chemistry from the University of Michigan and studied signal transduction pathways at University of California, San Francisco, as a postdoctoral fellow.


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