A person holding a Hound Labs device displaying a "pass" result for a cannabis breathalyzer test.

Cannabis Breathalyzer System


Hound Labs

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Hound Labs partnered with Triple Ring Technologies to invent a point-of-use breath analyzer to meet the needs of law enforcement agencies across the world and employers in states where recreational marijuana use is legal. Starting from a napkin sketch, Triple Ring, alongside Hound Labs, created a high-sensitivity portable breathalyzer system tailored to law enforcement and employment settings.  The project included ground-breaking validation, and peer reviewed publication, of ∆-9 THC pharmacodynamics in exhaled breath.



Fully functioning prototype systems were created featuring an easy-to-use breath capture device, a control station, and low-cost microfluidic lab-on-a-chip cartridges.  Clinical-grade data were robustly produced at the point-of-need to provide indications of recent marijuana use and possible impairment.


Triple Ring Value Proposition

  • Full R&D teams, on demand, flexibly resourced from concept to validation
  • Outsourced Tough Tech product development expertise
  • Deep expertise in biological sciences and bioengineering
  • Extensive intellectual property creation owned outright by client
  • Financial stake and shared-risk engagement models
  • Access to Agility Labs incubation facilities
Four conceptual sketches of the handheld Hound Labs cannabis breathalyzer device with different design features highlighted.
Exploded view diagram showing the components of the Hound Labs handheld cannabis breathalyzer, highlighting its interior parts and mechanical design.


Hound Labs markets a first-in-class system for breath-based assessment of recent marijuana use. The company founders chose Triple Ring as their product development partner for our deep life sciences expertise and for our reputation of helping innovators do the seemingly impossible. In a collaboration that has lasted years, Triple Ring has been a trusted partner demonstrating high degrees of urgency, commitment, and ownership as this cutting-edge startup built products that satisfy critical market needs.

A portable cannabis breathalyzer kit by Hound Labs with carrying case and digital handheld device.