A female doctor discussing medical records with a patient in a clinic.

Transdermal GFR Measurement




MediBeacon required expert assistance to develop a photonics-based transdermal detection technology to monitor intravenously injected fluorescent tracer agents and provide clinically actionable measures of kidney function. MediBeacon has brought combination products into the clinic which match fluorescent tracers with innovative detection systems to provide accurate physiological measurements in real-time. Triple Ring, in collaboration with MediBeacon, designed and delivered a non-invasive, light-based wearable detection system as a critical component of their glomerular filtration rate (GFR) monitoring product. The detectors were designed and developed to meet strict product requirements of sensitivity, accuracy, cost, comfort, and ease of use.



Fully integrated wearable GFR detectors were developed under ISO13485 design controls and delivered for critical clinical trials.


Triple Ring Value Proposition

  • Highly relevant expertise in light-based tissue analysis
  • Advanced modeling and simulations to speed design process
  • Program structure that included skin in the game
  • Deep experience in meeting critical milestones for venture funding
A product photograph of MediBeacon's white vital signs monitor and sensor attached to a stainless steel pole against a light gray background.
MediBeacon medical sensor device with branding next to a vial of green liquid.


MediBeacon selected Triple Ring as their development partner for our multidisciplinary science and engineering teams. Triple Ring’s industry leading capabilities in biophotonics and combination product development, along with our ability to collaborate closely and share risk, made us an optimal partner for MediBeacon.

A doctor records data in a notebook at a workstation with the MediBeacon system, sensor, and vial of liquid nearby.