A female veterinarian in a blue shirt petting a brown horse's neck.

Next-Generation Equine Imaging


Prisma Imaging


Prisma Imaging partnered with Triple Ring Technologies to design, model, build, and test a functional prototype equine CT scanner for imaging on live animals in a veterinary clinic setting. Prisma Imaging invented a next generation large animal CT imaging system capable of generating high quality images in a vastly safer workflow for equine patients. This complex prototype system included a robotic gantry, motion capture and correction, X-ray imaging, radiation safety, and CT reconstruction engine. Such an extensive system required Triple Ring to leverage its cross-disciplinary expertise and implement a top-down systems engineering approach.



Triple Ring delivered a gantry-mounted CT imaging system, which enabled live-animal imaging at our headquarters in California on horses that were consciously sedated, not anesthetized. With its integrated cutting-edge motion tracking subsystem and correction algorithms, the system performed equivalently to current standard tabletop technology, even in the presence of natural patient movement. The X-ray system was supported by a robust mechanical subsystem and the combined motion/imaging system was carefully controlled by custom software/hardware.


Triple Ring Value Proposition

  • Fully outsourced engineering services, from conception to assembly
  • World class image reconstruction architecture and algorithm development capabilities
  • Hands-on experience assembling complex hardware
  • Deep expertise making complicated systems work, with deliberate and careful subsystem and integration testing
  • Flexible and customizable lab space to support exotic applications, such as live-animal imaging
A 3d rendering of Prisma Imaging's fully system in a room, highlighting various components such as motion correction system, robotics, containment stanchion, and imaging system with horse and veterinarian in the center.
A horse undergoing a medical scan with a prototype of Prisma Imaging's robotic imaging device.
A horse receiving an imaging scan with a prototype of Prisma Imaging's system, while being held by a veterinarian in protective gear.


The system architecture developed and implemented by Triple Ring enabled Prisma’s system to be the only CT imaging technology that can access an equine patient’s entire anatomy without the use of anesthesia. Triple Ring was chosen for this aggressive project because of our deep technical knowledge in the diverse science and engineering disciplines required for success. No animals were harmed during testing.

A horse standing next to Prisma Imaging's equine scanner mounted to a robotic arm with graphical axis controls indicating motion directions to scan an injured front leg.