A patient in Aim Medical Robotics' MRI-compatible surgical robot, nested inside a white MRI machine with physician in the background.

MRI-Compatible Robotics


AiM Medical Robotics


AiM Medical Robotics required a portable robotic system to perform neurosurgery simultaneous with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). MRI relies on incredibly strong magnetic fields to produce detailed images of the inside of the human body. These strong magnetic fields prohibit the use of ferromagnetic materials that are found in typical robotic hardware. Furthermore, MRI systems feature a small bore around the patient table which severely restricts the form factor of potential robots. Triple Ring overcame these hurdles by employing first-principles thinking and creative engineering.



The partnership led to an innovative prototype design with 4 degrees of freedom that served as the basis of AiM Medical Robotics’ industry-first robotics platform.


Triple Ring Value Proposition

  • Experience in designing multi-axis robots for multiple applications
  • Deep expertise in the physics of MRI
  • Demonstrated capabilities in designing MRI-compatible systems and components
  • Rapid design, prototyping, and production to meet tight timelines and funding milestones


A photograph of a functional prototype of AiM Medical Robotics' MRI-compatible neurosurgical robot with a black mannequin head shown for scale.
A patient with eyes closed in AiM Medical Robotics' MRI-compatible neurosurgical robot and MRI machine.


AiM Medical Robotics chose to work with Triple Ring due to our deep scientific knowledge of the principles of MRI, our extensive experience engineering complex robotics, and our ability to develop creative solutions to complicated, constrained problems. Because of this, Triple Ring was able to deliver a design for AiM Medical Robotics that met the stringent requirements of MRI-compatibility.