A woman undergoing a upright radiation therapy with Leo Cancer Care's system.

Upright Radiation Therapy


Leo Cancer Care


Leo Cancer Care partnered with Triple Ring Technologies to design a computed tomography (CT) imaging system for a novel radiation therapy concept enabling better patient outcomes and improved patient experience. Leo Cancer Care is a bold innovator in radiation therapy, developing breakthrough products that treat patients in a more natural, seated position. The system images and positions the patient for radiotherapy in one device while the patient is upright, improving accuracy while increasing comfort and lowering stress – all contributing factors to better outcomes. Triple Ring collaborated with Leo Cancer to design a gantry and CT scanner enabling CT scans of patients in upright and lying down position. This concept is central to Leo Cancer’s platform, making large rotating gantries for the radiotherapy source obsolete, and enabling a fixed beam, slow patient rotation strategy.  Leo Cancer and Triple Ring together overcame multiple design and technical challenges to transform this novel concept into a safe, accurate, and patient-centric platform.



The Leo Cancer Care and Triple Ring collaboration led to the creation of an innovative gantry design that featured upright radiation therapy as a new standard of care.


Triple Ring Value Proposition

  • Experience designing large multi-axis robotics
  • Deep expertise in the physics of radiotherapy delivery devices
  • Mechanical design of robust and reliable capital equipment to ISO13485 standards
  • Advanced simulation and modeling to streamline system design, development, and test
  • Shared sense of urgency to meet aggressive schedules and assure funding milestones
A modern clinic with the Leo Cancer Care upright radiation therapy system, comfortable seating, and calming interior design.


Leo Cancer Care chose to work with Triple Ring because of our deep scientific knowledge in energy delivery and medical imaging matched with our proven success in building high-precision mechanical systems for clinical validation and market entry. Our work with Leo Cancer required close collaboration and tight communication to integrate multiple subsystems and produce a high quality, efficacious system.

A patient sitting in Leo Cancer Care's upright medical imaging device. in a clinical setting.
Detail view of the top portion of the Leo Cancer Care system, a large circular white housing with dot-matrix light pattern.