A young girl sitting on the floor reading a book to Kuri the robot companion in a modern living space.

Kuri, the Nimble Companion Robot


Mayfield Robotics


Triple Ring technologies was engaged by Mayfield Robotics to design a safe, effective, rugged, and low-cost optical guidance system for home companion robot, called Kuri. Kuri’s optical system needed to perform multiple functions to navigate and interact with her environment, including hazard detection and simultaneous localization and mapping. The integrated guidance optics also needed to be eye-safe for both humans and pets. Triple Ring’s design featured complex optical components, such as a pulsed vertical cavity surface emitting laser array, a panoramic annular lens, and a time-of-flight imaging sensor array.



Triple Ring designed an optical system that exceeded the cost and performance requirements set by the client, most importantly, certification for eye-safety and compliance with UL 3300. Delivering such technology allowed the client, Mayfield Robotics, to successfully launch Kuri as a commercial product and deliver hundreds of units to eager customers. The unique design of Triple Ring’s optical system resulted in 5 pending patents and Kuri being named Best in Show at CES 2017 by PC Magazine, WIRED, and Engadget.


Triple Ring Value Proposition

  • Generation of fundamental Intellectual Property translatable to industrial autonomous robotics
  • Extensive experience designing exotic and novel optical systems
  • System and subsystem level design and integration
  • Adherence to aggressive launch schedule to satisfy holiday orders and CES presentation
A front and side view of Kuri, a modern, anthropomorphic robot with a black and white color scheme, accompanied by a charging dock.
Diagram highlighting the different beams used by a Kuri's optical system for navigation and obstacle detection.
An illustration of Kuri's optical sensor's operation, showing the emission and detection of light beams for distance measurement and environmental mapping.


Mayfield Robotics, a subsidiary of a multinational automotive parts manufacturer, sought a unique skill set to design an optical navigation system for integration into Kuri, an at-home companion robot. With industry-leading skills and experience in medical imaging and medical device optics, Triple Ring was the optimal partner. The lessons learned, knowledge gained, and IP generated was transferred to the parent company for integration into navigation subsystems within companion robots built for industrial settings.

Optical subassembly of Kuri's robotic visual system, black plastic housing with lenticular clear plastic, PCBa, lens, and other optics.