A happy dog wearing One Health Group's Voyce heart monitor with a bandaged leg on a vet examination table while a veterinarian works in the background.

Veterinary Vital Sign Monitor


One Health Group


To accurately measure biometric data and improve outcomes in the veterinary setting, Triple Ring Technologies developed a noninvasive, remote digital monitoring device for One Health Group. Triple Ring’s experts designed a wearable physiological monitor that improved patient comfort, achieved long-term continuous monitoring, provided real-time feedback and alerts, and was cost-effective and easy to use.



The robust functional prototypes generated high quality physiologic data that supported One Health Group’s value proposition and enabled expanded partnerships with strategic investors in the veterinary health industry.


Value Propositions

  • Client outsourced R&D to Triple Ring which provided expertise tailored for a virtual startup company
  • Deep and relevant clinical and technical domain knowledge
  • Concept to clinical validation services
  • Urgency to drive value and support fund raising
Black pet collar with integrated One Health Group's Voyce physiological monitoring device.
A drawing of a hand assembling the One Health Group's Voyce animal physiological monitor onto a collar.
A digital illustration of One Health Group's Voyce physiological monitor on a dog with a transparent section showing internal anatomy.


One Health’s business model depended on a lean organization. The company required a close outsourced partner to perform all their R&D. One Health’s system is a complex device requiring a multidisciplinary team to design, build and test. Through concept development, industrial design and prototyping, Triple Ring ran a rapid feasibility demonstration process to de-risk critical elements of the product design and prove functionality.


Our technology partnership with Triple Ring will enable us to much more quickly bring our patented mobile health monitoring technology to market and will support our goals as we build on our noncontact intelligent biometric sensing Voyce platform, bringing new, innovative physiological monitoring capabilities to support in-situ and real-time animal health care

Al DiRienzo
CEO & Co-Founder of One Health Group


Triple Ring is pleased to partner with One Health Group to develop the next version of their exciting platform for next-generation remote animal health monitoring. We believe in One Health Group and are taking a stake in the company, showing our support for their technology and the potential for the Voyce platform

Joe Heanue
CEO of Triple Ring Technologies
Black pet collar with integrated One Health Group's Voyce physiological monitoring device.