A person holding a transdermal patch applicator

Microneedle Patch Applicator




The client had developed a novel microneedle patch for transdermal drug delivery intended for use by the patient at home. The patch required a significantly greater degree of uniformity in pressure during application than existing transdermal patches. It required design of a reusable applicator to achieve reliable adhesion and dosing, while supporting the robustness and ruggedness requirements for use by a patient in their home and a low cost.

The key was ensuring that the patch would work across awide variety of skin types in the potential patient population.Triple Ring relied on its expertise in material design and selection, precision mechanical engineering, and our life scientists to design an applicator that provided the required pressure for patch adhesion, across skin types that varied by thickness, age,moisture content, and placement.



The resulting single-entity combination product comprised a reusable applicator and a microneedle array containing patch, for intracutaneous drug delivery allowing rapid absorption into the bloodstream. With the applicator, the client was able to successfully enter clinical trials. Ultimately the technology for the product was acquired by a vaccine manufacturer.


Value Propositions

Triple Ring’s interdisciplinary team had all the required skills for a complex design.

3D view of an innovative commination medical device microneedle patch applicator for transdermal drug delivery. White and orange ergonomic handheld device with attachment
Diagram of a transdermal patch delivering medication through the skin with drug-coated tips penetrating the epidermis.


The client was a publicly traded company with deep medical and domain expertise to address a drug delivery problem using their novel patch technology. They selected Triple Ring to design the mechanical delivery device based upon our long history of working with designing novel technologies for health care that delivered excellent user experiences. The Triple Ring designed applicator allowed the client to both more easily demonstrate their technology to other health care professionals and to get it into the hands of end users in clinical trials.

A four-panel illustration showing the steps for using a handheld transdermal patch applicator: from resting position, opening, applying on skin, to pressing the dispenser button.