3D rendering of Malcova's innovative new breast imaging technology. Modern ergonomic white device with purple accents and the Malcova logo on the front against a light gray background.

User-Centric Breast Imaging




Malcova invented and prototyped a technology to dramatically improve breast imaging while simultaneously improving patient experience. The device featured full 3D imaging capability at ultra-low radiation dose, and expanded coverage of anatomy missed by standard breast CT. The system was designed with the patient in mind and included a workflow that promoted greater comfort and lower stress during procedures. The company’s initial prototype required a complete redesign to support full functionality and ultimately human testing and FDA submission.

Typical CT systems use gantries to control the x-ray source and detector locations in a fixed configuration. Malcova’s system required a gantry-free implementation to achieve 3D imaging, which consequently required independent movement of source and detector. This architecture presented significant synchronization challenges to the production of quality images. Advanced simulations and skillful engineering were required to tackle the challenges inherent in the design. With our deep expertise in advanced robotics and x-ray imaging, Triple Ring was the ideal partner.



Triple Ring designed a CT scanner with the flexibility needed to fully explore the design space of this novel technology.


Value Propositions

  • Variable resourced full R&D teams (scientists, engineers, and project managers) available to contribute to the success of an innovative startup
  • Deep engineering experience to manage difficult synchronization challenges
  • Industry-leading X-ray physics expertise
  • Deep experience in Medical Robotics
Two 3d renderings of a person lying in Malcova's innovative new breast imaging system, one view is front three-quarter the other view is top overhead.
Diagram comparing previous breast imaging capability with Malcova's improved breast imaging capability which captures previously missed breast tissue, highlighting the difference in trajectories around a nonplanar object with an x-ray source.
Illustration of Malcova's innovative breast imaging device adjusting height for patient comfort during a procedure.


Triple Ring has extensive expertise in x-ray imaging and advanced reconstruction technologies in combination with advanced robotics. Triple Ring has designed many dedicated CT systems for both human, animal, and industrial imaging in the last 19 years.

3d concept rendering of Malcova's innovative new breast imaging system in a modern comfortable clinic.